Simple Call Answering Icon Microphone

Simple Answering

Starts at $30/month
Tele Receptionist Icon Headset

Tele Receptionist

Starts at $35/month
The Batphone Icon Phone

The Batphone

Starts at $50/month
Tele Clerk Icon Clerk

Tele Clerk

Starts at $80/month

24 hours a day

24 hours a day

Yep - that's right, its 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year. All of the call answering services are setup into our call answering platform and are answered by operators. We staff the phones all day every day. Obviously, we don't get many calls after 10pm at night, so it's skeleton staff until 7am the next day - but we always do our best to answer every call that comes through.

We get this question so many times so hopefully this has straightened it out.

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