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The Bat Phone for Business Super Heroes

The Bat Phone for Business Super Heroes


There are many innovations over the years that started out with the best intentions and the Bat phone is one of them. At the beginning, Bat phones were meant to bypass levels of bureaucracy in order to solve problems quickly. The name of the Bat phone comes from the “batman television show of the 60’s. In the television show, whenever there was trouble in the city of Gotham, the police commissioner used the bat phone (a special red phone) to call Bruce Wayne. The bat phone would then be answered by batman as quickly as possible as it represented an emergency that could not be ignored.

In the modern business world, the bat phone is not only a reserve of super heroes. Any co-operate organization with clients who require service 24 hours a day seven days a week need and should acquire a bat phone. The bat phone provides a quick solution that addresses incoming calls effectively.

The modern enterprise world is full of complex requests and requirements from clients that sometimes need technical attention. If you are in the business of offering solutions that are valuable to your clients, having a bat phone can be good way to stay connected to the needs of your most loyal clients.

As an established company, there are some calls that can never go unanswered. Like bat man the world may be depending on your skills and expertise to save the day. A bat phone package ensures that your most important clients are given the best service and sufficient attention.


Features of the bat phone

When installing a bat phone for your company it is important to consider the features that are bundled with your bat phone service provider. The following is a list of features available in a bat phone package.

  • A call answering system that allows the caller to find quick and easy information about your company. This is a service that can be optimized for calls with a low level of urgency. The properties of the call answering system in the bat phone package include;
  • A Custom greeting script
    • This is an essential phone answering system that entices your clients to leave a message every time they call.
  • A qualifying Questions for the caller (beyond the standard name and number) e.g.
    • A question asking the caller if they have lodged a ticket through the support channel?
    • Asking for the callers’ ticket number?
    • Asking the caller what the emergency is about?
  • A basic business information supplied to the caller (if requested) about your business, including:
    • A business name
    • An address
    • An email
    • Open Hours
    • Emergency Phone
  • Your bat phone package should only charge you for the answered calls. It is advisable to look around and find a package with the best rates and the best service. Make sure that only answered calls are included in your package.
  • To maintain a follow up on the most important clients a bat phone package must include a Standard Name and Number collection system. Additional questions from the caller should also be recorded.

Other services can be included in the bat phone package depending on the service provider. As you seek to find the best bat phone service keep in mind that you will have to select among your clients list the most important clients who need your service after office hours. Such client s will be more that grateful to your business after experiencing the convenience of a bat phone connectivity to your enterprise.




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